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Blog: LifeSphere Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) System Brings New Efficiency to Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

LifeSphere eTMF System Brings New Efficiency to CROs

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) have been enthusiastic early adopters of the LifeSphere electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) system.

One reason for this excitement is the fact that LifeSphere eTMF is the first system to support a new industry data standard designed specifically to make collaboration more efficient. CROs live and breathe efficiency. Anything that can reduce time and costs while improving the quality of research collaborations is highly valuable to CROs, and to the drug and device sponsors who employ them.

According to the advisory firm Results Healthcare, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) support up to 60% of all clinical trials. CROs like Total Clinical Trial Management (TCTM) have adopted LifeSphere eTMF as part of its effort to transform the relationship between CROs and clinical sites.

Webinar to address electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) and decentralized clinical trials

On May 25, ArisGlobal will feature Total Clinical Trials Management and the clinical research site network Stamford Therapeutics Consortium (STC Trials) at one of its Clinical Collaborations webinars. Our panel discussion will explore LifeSphere eTMF and how innovative CROs and clinical sites like TCTM and STC Trials are bringing greater efficiency to decentralized clinical trials.

Register today for the upcoming webinar, Decentralized Clinical Trials – Collaboration Urgency Grows featuring, Total Clinical Trials Management, and Stamford Therapeutics Consortium.

LifeSphere electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) is an easy to use application that streamlines inspections, future-proofs compliance and saves time and effort for all key stakeholders, from study start-up through closeout. It offers everything a clinical operations team needs to manage essential documents in a simple, cloud solution.

LifeSphere electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) is first with reference model and exchange standard

LifeSphere eTMF is the first system to support the TMF Reference Model standard document types and the eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard. Any eTMF system or other clinical application that adopts this exchange standard can easily share Trial Master File (TMF) content in real time. This real-time collaboration increases the level of TMF completeness, quality, and timeliness.

The need for collaboration became more acute in the past year as the urgency for running decentralized clinical trials grew during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the May 25 ArisGlobal webinar, Clinical Collaborations: CROs and Clinical Research Sites, will explore the role of technology and how CRO/Site relationships are adapting to decentralized clinical trials.

Our discussion panel will be:

Join us to learn more about LifeSphere eTMF and how Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and clinical research sites are changing one of the most important relationships in drug development.

Learn more about eTMF and decentralized clinical trials.


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