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Blog: Top 5 Reasons Why LifeSphere Clinical Trial Management System Works for CROs

Working in clinical operations at a small or midsized Clinical Research Organization (CRO), you fully understand the complexity of drug research. What’s extra frustrating is the headache of managing an array of paper and spreadsheets, homegrown or legacy systems. But there is a better way. With ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), you can meet study timelines and reduce stress in a single unified platform. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why this innovative cloud-based software can work for you.


1. The Clinical Trial Management System Priced for a Small and Mid-Sized Clinical Research Organizations 

As a small or midsize CRO, you need to be agile as sponsors plan new studies or put them on hold. LifeSphere CTMS software pricing adjusts to your business needs. With a minimum financial commitment, you can increase or decrease the cost based on the number of users. This flexible month-to-month CRO pricing structure allows you pay for exactly what you need as your trial portfolio grows or shrinks. 

2. Life CTMS is Built for Small and Mid-Sized CROS to Scale

Not only is LifeSphere CTMS software priced for a small or midsize CRO. It’s also built for one.

As part of the unified LifeSphere Clinical platform, this CTMS software can be adopted gradually as needed.

LifeSphere CTMS is ready with fast implementation to get you up and running quickly. This gives you the option to start small with just clinical feasibility and planning tools.

Additionally, LifeSphere is built into the unified LifeSphere Clinical platform, or you can easily integrate with another electronic data capture. This is another major advantage that saves you time.

 When it comes to handling site payments and monitoring, LifeSphere CTMS software has also got you covered.

If you are a CRO looking for speed, then adopt ArisGlobal’s world-class safety monitoring tools for reporting Sudden Unexpected Adverse Reactions (SUSAR). Eliminate the complexity of triangulating which investigators are supposed to receive which notifications. LifeSphere SUSAR Reporting is a fully validated system that can track both distribution of safety reports and receipt by individual investigators/sites.

 Other tools that are part of the LifeSphere Clinical unified platform, include an advanced electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) system that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks such as classification and filing of Statement of Investigator FDA Form 1572. Less time filing means more time to focus on sites and patients, moving closer to the goal of easing the patient burden. 

3. Intuitive CTMS that is Easy to Use for Clinical Research Organizations

Cloud software is only effective if users can fully understand its purpose and power. One of the best features of LifeSphere CTMS software is its easy-to-use interface. This intuitive software is carefully designed to accommodate everyone involved in study conduct – from sponsors to internal teams and external partners. Thanks to its role-based access and intuitive dashboards, LifeSphere CTMS software provides a unified experience that’s tailored to individual needs. You know clinical trials are more complex than ever before, but your clinical trial management system doesn’t have to be.

4. CTMS Optimized for Clinical Research at Optimized Speed 

According to a study performed by, 86 percent of trials experience a study startup delay. While common, delay is not inevitable. CTMS software that can streamline startup is essential. With LifeSphere CTMS software, you can get your clinical trial up and running quickly. Conduct study feasibility and locate your highest performing sites with ease. Track and manage regulatory and site packages with embedded checklists to ensure your team can meet tight deadlines while maintaining your high-quality standards.  Manual clinical trial management causes bottlenecks that limit the number of trials you can execute. LifeSphere CTMS software is a unified cloud platform for reducing study timelines so you can achieve your desired result – bringing life-saving products to patients faster.

5. How a CTMS Helps You Work Smarter not Harder 

While efficiency matters in almost every field, it is especially important in life sciences where the risk of delay can be critical for patients. LifeSphere CTMS software is brilliantly designed to automate important activities such as study planning, site assessments, and investigator selection throughout the lifecycle of a clinical trial. LifeSphere CTMS software readily supports multiple templates, allowing you to embed various sponsor SOPs into your process. In essence, you get a clear and unified view of trial activities to keep study teams aligned and on schedule. With carefully tested and proven automated software in your corner, you’ll truly be able to work smarter and eliminate the need for micromanagement and worry.


Working at a small or midsize CRO, you’ll find the LifeSphere clinical trial management system is truly a unified platform with everything you need.


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