CTMS Software

CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System), is used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to manage clinical trials in clinical research.


CTMS Software in Clinical Trials

A CTMS is responsible for managing all operational aspects of a clinical trial, from study startup to closeout. A CTMS acts as the hub for research operations, by simplifying study conduct as well as improving visibility throughout a site’s research portfolio.

Clinical trials are complex. Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and other research-focused life sciences organizations run highly complicated clinical trials in the search for new medicines, devices, and the ultimate cure for many of the world’s diseases. Using software helps you manage clinical trials in clinical research.

LifeSphere CTMS Software is an easy-to-use clinical trial management system that helps clinical operations teams accelerate timelines, stay organized, and reduce complexity. If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule a demo.

Accelerate Clinical Trials with LifeSphere CTMS. Reduce study timelines with a modern, easy-to-use cloud application that streamlines study management and also autmoate key activities across the trial lifecycle

Our All-in-One CTMS Software will help streamline your clinical environment with a turn-key platform for operations that includes payments and monitoring and delivers a seamless connection with LifeSphere eTMF

Unifying ClinOps and Data Management in the Cloud
Unified with the LifeSphere Clinical cloud platform – including LifeSphere eTMF, LifeSphere EDC and LifeSphere EasyDocs – to seamlessly connect operations with data management.

What Are Some Common Benefits of LifeSphere CTMS?

With LifeSphere CTMS, you will be able to easily improve efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Below are some of our benefits of our CTMS:

  • Enables simple, end-to-end clinical trial management in a single application, reducing complexity to empower organizations of all sizes.
  • Automates key clinical trial activities to enhance productivity and deliver faster trials.
  • Unifies clinical operations and data management in a single cloud platform.
  • Streamlines trial management through an intuitive interface designed for all skill and responsibility levels.
  • Makes site payments and monitoring fast and easy by including them out-of-the-box.
LifeSphere Medical Information

Centralized and Globally Accessible CTMS Software

CTMS Software allows sponsors to be more effective, to make improved decisions, to establish compliance, to select investigators well, to monitor patient recruitment and to manage finances. LifeSphere CTMS includes comprehensive directories to manage site personnel (investigators, sub-investigators, study coordinators, pharmacists) and organizations (hospitals, competent authorities, CROs, suppliers).

LifeSphere CTMS provides functions for tracking patients, patient visits, EDC data, activities, queries, deviations, adverse events, drug supply, monitoring visits and finances. A comprehensive dashboard provides total visibility into the status of each study, country, site and investigator to provide the information necessary to make the best decisions possible.

Capture, Manage, and Report Clinical Research Data, Regardless of Trial Phase and Complexity
LifeSphere EDC System is a electronic data capture software solution that gives sponsors and CROs a way to capture, manage management and report clinical research data regardless of trial phase and complexity.
The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management
Getting Connected: The Benefits of a Unified Clinical Platform
As the pressure to achieve faster, most cost-effective results, and to tap into new technologies to expand capabilities mounts, clinical operations will need a more progressive approach to managing every aspect of the clinical trial. A unified platform is the way forward.
The Clinical Domain is Evolving. Make Sure your CTMS is Evolving with It.
The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management takes a broad look at the challenges facing clinical trial management, how the clinical domain is changing, and how the industry can better respond.

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