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Consistent. Compliant. Simple.

In the age of digital transformation, the Medical Affairs team has become a key strategic investment for life sciences firms. Specialized medicines require complex information, while regulations continue to evolve and patients engage over increasingly diverse channels. 

To meet these challenges, LifeSphere Medical Information is built to deliver compliant information consistently and accurately on a global scale. The solution handles the end-to-end medical information process, from inquiry receipt to fulfillment, and includes easy-to-use content management and reporting tools.


  • Timely, compliant interactions across multiple channels
  • Single source of approved content – centralized, organized and easy to access
  • Scalable and flexible – easily evolves with changing business needs
  • Easy, out-of-the-box integration with drug safety systems
  • Intelligence and insight into inquiries via reporting and data visualization

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Press Release: FDA Selects ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety and Medical Affairs Platforms

Engagement at the Point of Need

Allows organizations to receive medical information requests via email, phone, mobile app, web portal, online chat and fax, and deliver timely fulfilment of inquires across a diverse set of channels. Speed up inquiry assignment and enhance global collaboration with workflow automation, alerts and notifications. 

Simplifying Approved Content 

Delivers up-to-date, consistent and approved information to all stakeholders from a centralized source across the globe, in multiple languages. Provides simple versioning, linking of content and a powerful search mechanism, enabling users to rapidly access the latest approved material, while ensuring data privacy. 

Scalable and Flexible

Provides both standard and custom responses in multiple languages and maintains a global repository of content options and FAQs. Users can create and share secondary responses with sales and other key contacts. Built in the cloud, upgrades are delivered seamlessly, with flexibility to easily scale up as your business grows.

Insights Made Easy

Easily generates a wide variety of reports and provides a unified view of critical metrics, with personalized dashboards.

Together at Last: Safety and Medical Affairs 

Seamlessly integrates with LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10, LifeSphere Reporter and thirdparty safety, product complaint, and CRM systems, as well as contact centers. 

LifeSphere Medical Information provides easy collection and exchange of adverse event and product complaint data, eliminating time-consuming manual reconciliation between systems

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LifeSphere Medical Information offers out-of-the-box integration with LifeSphere Reporter, enabling on-the-go submission of inquiries, complaints and adverse events. 

LifeSphere Medical Information: End-to-End
MI Management Suite

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