Easy and intuitive clinical trial management for organizations of all sizes. Complete control. Full visibility.

The growing complexity of clinical trials makes it increasingly difficult for teams to manage stakeholders and maintain oversight under tight timelines.

A core offering in LifeSphere Clinical’s unified cloud platform, LifeSphere CTMS10 is an end-to-end solution that makes the entire clinical trial management process easier and more transparent for companies of all sizes.

  • Enables simple, end-to-end clinical trial management in a single application, reducing complexity to empower organizations of all sizes
  • Automates key clinical trial activities to enhance productivity and deliver faster trials
  • Unifies clinical operations and data management in a single cloud platform
  • Streamlines trial management through an intuitive interface designed for all skill and responsibility levels
  • Makes site payments and monitoring fast and easy by including them out-of-the-box

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Complete Trial Management. Simplified.

Enables life sciences organizations to plan, track and control all activities related to the set-up, conduct and closeout of clinical trials using a simple, intuitive interface designed for all levels of experience.  

Native Automation. Faster Trials.

Helps Clinical Operations teams increase productivity and conduct faster trials by automating core clinical trial management activities like study planning, site assessments, investigator selection, enrollment planning, document distribution, and site visit planning.

Streamlining Trials Through User-Centric Design

Provides role-based access and dashboards, tailoring the user experience to individual skill levels and needs, while ensuring complete control over trial activities. Gives study teams visibility into everything they need to get their job done.  

Site Payments and Monitoring Made Easy

Unlike other trial management systems, LifeSphere CTMS includes payments and monitoring modules out-of-the-box, ensuring fast, accurate payments to research sites and maximizing CRA effectiveness in the field.  

Unifying ClinOps and Data Management in the Cloud

Unified with the LifeSphere Clinical cloud platform – including LifeSphere eTMF and LifeSphere EDC – to seamlessly connect operations with data management. Single sign-on functionality provides simple access to a suite of applications, while open architecture ensures rapid integration with third party applications via API. 

Learn more about LifeSphere eTMF >>

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Streamlined Study Startup

Automate key study prep activities like budget planning, site assessments, document distribution, enrollment and site visit planning. Track submission milestones and document packages to speed up study startup.

Integrated Document Tracking

Fully integrated document tracking provides real- time inspection readiness.

Efficient Study Closeout

Assists independent audits and study closeout processes with versatile export capabilities and out-of-the-box unification with LifeSphere EDC. Easily provides oversight compliance to regulatory authorities without requiring them log into the system.

Simplified Trip Reporting

Supports report app authoring, review and approval for large field teams.

Site Monitoring Planning

Enables monitors to efficiently conduct and document monitoring visits with an automated review and approval process governed by user-defined workflows and event-based planning.

Flexible Payments Module

Included payment module allows for hassle-free configuration of payment terms so teams can easily pay as contracted. 

Easy Integration

Connects with existing systems via open architecture, leveraging API connectors and web services. 

Worry-Free Implementation

Fast, knowledgeable implementation teams adhere to industry best practices to get your teams up and running quickly.

LifeSphere CTMS : Easy and intuitive clinical trial management for organizations of all sizes

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