Intake and Triage

The only case intake solution with production-ready automation.

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LifeSphere Medical Information

The only case intake solution with production-ready automation. 

Developed and tested with industry leaders, including the US FDA, LifeSphere Intake and Triage automates case intake to bring deep efficiency gains and scalability to case processing.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Industry-Tested Automation Technology

Powered by ArisGlobal’s cognitive computing engine, Nava®, LifeSphere Intake and Triage features production-ready automation that has been developed and tested directly with industry leaders, delivering immediate efficiency gains.
• Automated Case Intake
• Automated Case Data Extraction
• Automated Validity, Triage & Dupe Check
• Automated Coding
• Automated Follow-up Management
• Touchless Case Processing
• Machine Translation

Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost Savings

LifeSphere Intake and Triage leverages automation to eliminate 90% of traditional data entry efforts and simplifies safety case processing, leading to immediate and sustained time and cost savings. Advanced machine learning (ML) means that system effectiveness improves as more data is processed.

LifeSphere Medical Information
LifeSphere Medical Information

Bring Structure to the Unstructured

The cognitive automation technologies within LifeSphere Intake and Triage enable automated recognition and extraction of potential adverse event data from multiple structured and unstructured sources, including email, fax, literature, electronic gateways and mobile applications like LifeSphere Reporter. LifeSphere Intake and Triage supports all E2B (R2/R3) data.

Integrate Easily with Existing R&D Systems

Designed to be the front end of LifeSphere® MultiVigilance 10 and built with an open architecture, LifeSphere Intake and Triage can seamlessly integrate with any central safety database.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Delivering Real Results to a Global Client Base



Of Top 50 Biopharmas

80% of the top 50 biopharma companies are our clients



Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine



Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities




100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards

Automate the Receipt of Adverse Event Data to Reduce Case Processing Times

LifeSphere Intake and Triage is the only production-ready, cognitive computing-enabled platform for case receipt and triage available today that can integrate with any safety system.


Managing and Mastering Pharmacovigilance: The SMB Perspective

Automated Segregation of Relevant ICSRs from EudraVigilance

One of the key requirements of the new pharmacovigilance legislation (Regulation 726/2004) in the EU is simplified reporting of individual case safety reports (ICSRs) by a Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) to the new EudraVigilance (EV) system. This whitepaper addresses how to overcome these challenges by automating the current manual download and review processes, and in doing so achieve efficiency gains of up to 80%.

How to Select an Automated Drug Safety Platform in Three Steps
Organizations looking to invest in a next-generation Safety system should seek a technology vendor with proven industry knowledge that can deliver a pre-validated solution with true end-to-end automation.

Partnering With the Industry’s Best

Advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are key LifeSphere MultiVigilance capabilities that help us automate repetitive, manual tasks, thus improving efficiency and compliance. By switching to LifeSphere MultiVigilance, our efforts to comply with regulations will be much more efficient.

“Our decision to upgrade to LifeSphere MultiVigilance was based on better integration, improved case management, reduced costs, and the ability to reach even higher compliance requirements of our customers and regulators.”

Ravi Menon
Chairman of the Board

“We have seen how the LifeSphere platform’s advanced robotic automation and cognitive features will allow us to automate many of our key PV steps in the area of case processing, which are currently resource intensive”

Claudia Lehmann
Head of PV Operations


Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost Savings

Automated Duplicate Check

Quickly identify duplicate cases, thereby reducing manual effort and saving considerable time and cost.

Automated Validity & Triage

Supported by advanced automation features, case validity & triaging is carried out automatically, classifying incoming cases into initial, follow-up and duplicate cases.

Automated Coding

The coding of both drugs and event terms is automatically assessed using a company’s product dictionary of choice as well as a company-specific list.

Automated Follow-Up

A revolutionary, automated process optimizes the identification of follow-up queries to reporter, tracking of queries, management of targeted questionnaires, and overall follow-up management.

Advanced OCR

Advanced OCR and cognitive automation eliminate manual data entry, bringing process and cost efficiencies.

Touchless Case Processing

Certain types of cases can be processed without or with limited manual intervention, delivering significant cost and time savings.

Smart Quality Check & Workflow Management

Users can view source data and source documents in a split-screen view to quickly compare and assess extracted versus reported information before passing the case to the next workflow step. A range of automated workload balancing, and workflow management capabilities are customizable to business roles and needs.

Translation Ready

APIs for third-party translation provide customers with the ultimate flexibility to price and contract translation services separately. Leveraging this integration to detect and translate non-English documents before downstream processing for a wide range of languages.

Best-in-Class Implementation Partner

ArisGlobal wants to help make your journey as effortless as possible – not just at the beginning, but over the long-term. A multitude of support and service options, including Managed Services, Professional Services,
and Lifeshere Training.