EDC System

Cost-effective electronic data capture system. 

Delivered in a unified and comprehensive platform.

LifeSphere EDC System delivers sponsors and CROs a cost-effective way to capture, manage and report clinical research data regardless of trial phase and complexity.

LifeSphere Clinical


Combine disparate systems into a single unified database eliminating the need for costly integrations and reconciliation.

Streamline Trials

Captures clinical data direct from site, eliminating the need for paper CRF and data entry.

LifeSphere Clinical

Work Faster

Reduce study development times and create seamless implementation of changes to live studies.

Unifying ClinOps and Data Management in the Cloud

Unified with the LifeSphere Clinical cloud platform – including LifeSphere eTMF and LifeSphere EDC System– to seamlessly connect operations with data management. Single sign-on functionality provides simple access to a suite of applications, while open architecture ensures rapid integration with third party applications via API.  

Capture, Manage, and Report Clinical Research Data, Regardless of Trial Phase and Complexity

LifeSphere EDC System is a electronic data capture software solution that gives sponsors and CROs a way to capture, manage management and report clinical research data regardless of trial phase and complexity.


The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management

Getting Connected: The Benefits of a Unified Clinical Platform

As the pressure to achieve faster, most cost-effective results, and to tap into new technologies to expand capabilities mounts, clinical operations will need a more progressive approach to managing every aspect of the clinical trial. A unified platform is the way forward.

The Clinical Domain is Evolving. Make Sure your CTMS is Evolving with It.

The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management takes a broad look at the challenges facing clinical trial management, how the clinical domain is changing, and how the industry can better respond.


Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost Savings.

Open Architecture

Open architecture supports seamless integration with any compatible CTMS, as well as out of the box integration with LifeSphere RTSM, allowing CRA’s to plan and conduct monitoring activities more effectively.

Flexible & Configurable Study Design

Advanced form designing, configurable workflows, and study design module that features a drag-and-drop wizard.

Unified EDC and CTMS

Streamline study start-up activities while eliminating the need for costly integration and reconciliation.

vides oversight compliance to regulatory authorities without requiring them log into the system.

Easy Integration

Connects with existing systems via open architecture, leveraging API connectors and web services.

Worry-Free Implementation

Fast, professional implementation teams adhere to industry best practices to get your teams up and running quickly.


Delivering Real Results to a Global Client Base



Global Collaboration

80% of the top 50 pharma companies are our clients



Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine



Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities




100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards


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