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Streamlining enterprise document management across the end-to-end drug development lifecycle

LifeSphere EasyDocs

Unified, Enterprise Document and Workflow Management

LifeSphere EasyDocs is an advanced cloud platform architected to streamline enterprise document management and ensure the continuity of business processes across the end-to-end drug development lifecycle. The enterprise-level platform is highly configurable and unified with the LifeSphere Regulatory and LifeSphere Clinical platform suites to manage content and process workflow spanning regulatory dossier (eCTD), electronic trial master file (eTMF), site initiation packages, and more.

Life science companies now have a single, unified platform that allows the consolidation of vendors and systems, reducing the complexity of vendor management and support.  LifeSphere EasyDocs’s unified document management and configurable, cross-functional workflows, all within a single repository, give companies the opportunity to achieve operational efficiency and replace disparate systems with a platform-based approach that eliminates the costly outsourcing of complex integrations and regulatory submission services.

For users, the integration of clinical operations with regulatory affairs delivers a streamlined and powerful experience across all systems, improving productivity and efficiency.