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Excellent products begin with excellent customer service

ArisGlobal is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality Customer Support by utilizing our team of dedicated, highly skilled support analysts to deliver timely resolutions for business critical situations and by maintaining a focus on our customers, providing continuous improvements in customer care.

It Begins with a Customer-Centric Focus

ArisGlobal believes that excellent products begin with excellent customer service. Our commitment to excellent customer service is based on a customer-centric focus that extends from customer development all the way to customer satisfaction. The success of your business initiatives is our ultimate goal.

Questions & Issues Resolved Fast and Effectively

The ArisGlobal customer support Portal ‘MAGS – My ArisGlobal Support’ gives customers access to report an incident, already existing/published solutions and announcement with respect to MAGS. All registered users shall have access to the above information in MAGS. Enjoy MAGS and feel a part of ArisGlobal user community. Click on the Button below to be directed to the ArisGlobal Support login.

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Delivering Real Results to a Global Client Base



Global Colaboration

80% of the top 50 pharma companies are our clients



Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine



Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities




100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards