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Industry Standard Practices (ISP)

Facilitating the standardization of industry best practices

ArisGlobal Safety ISP

ArisGlobal has a commitment to ensure our clients can leverage the best practices of the industry in our overall Safety product suite.  With over 30 years of industry experience, we have established a new initiative “Industry Standard Practice (ISP)” to provide our customers with the best of industry-wise standards & intelligence for creating an operationally efficient, and a forward looking approach to meet the ever increasing regulatory obligations.

Our Goal

ArisGlobal’s Industry Standard Practice (ISP) is committed to ensure a high level customer trust and satisfaction in our Total Safety Product Suite by facilitating the standardization of industry best practices in relation to the development and configuration of our safety solutions.

Our Mission

The ISP consisting of key members from the industry along with our ArisGlobal team of dedicated, highly skilled support analysts, are in constant pursuit of achieving the ISP Goal by providing a business platform for interaction amongst the members of the industry. They facilitate a common interpretation, understanding and adoption of the changes to the ArisGlobal Total Safety suite of products. This will entail:

  • Ongoing research and review to continuously refine and optimize best practices with regards to management of safety data and thereby meeting compliance needs across the industry
  • Maintaining a forward-looking approach to support upcoming regulations
  • Avoiding customer specific customizations and thereby focusing more on harmonization
  • Standardizing out-of-box configurations for quicker future implementations

ISP Process—a Transparent, Collaborative Approach

The success of your business initiatives is our ultimate goal. ArisGlobal believes that excellent products begin with an excellent understanding of the business requirements. This can be achieved only when we have a strong business collaboration with you and a palpable commitment to get it right. The ISP philosophy is, that all items routed to ISP should be subjected to a “Filtering” process to qualify for ISP and to streamline the requested enhancement into the product roadmap. Once the requested enhancement is marked for ISP, it is branched to either a “Fast Track” or “Working Group” based on criticality, overall effort & time involved in ISP’s decision making and ArisGlobal’s product development lifecycle management

ArisGlobal also believes that for an overall win-win situation, all the ISP members should have access to all the initiatives taken up by ISP.  A dedicated SharePoint link is available to all the ISP members to share and track various artefacts related to ISP.

ISP members can click the below button to be directed to ISP SharePoint.