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IDMP is one of the cornerstone regulatory guidelines which will come into force in Europe by 2016.

This is however not just a European challenge, the FDA is also working on the adoption of the IDMP standard and it is only a matter of time before IDMP will become mandatory across geographies.

In this webcast, Mr. Wim Cypers, Senior Vice President at ArisGlobal discussed why and how life sciences companies need to put efforts to understand IDMP regulations. The webcast provides a comprehensive overview of the upcoming regulations and provides clarity on areas such as products, manufactured items and substances with simple examples.

Diverse functions such as Regulatory, Safety, Manufacturing and Clinical will gain insights on:

a. The regulatory background of IDMP
b. Recent Updates
c. Overview of IDMP
d. IDMP Purpose and Benefits
e. The IDMP Data Model
f. IDMP High Level Examples
g. IDMP Definition of Products
h. IDMP Definition of Manufactured Items
i. IDMP Definition of Substances
j. IDMP next steps

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