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Given the spread and depth of the IDMP data model, it is obvious that contribution from multiple departments is required in order to collect all IDMP data. But, the industry is beginning to accept that building a strong business case to get involvement from all stakeholders and management approval to fund the IDMP 2016 compliance project is not easy, especially when the final agency guidelines are still due.

The key to building a successful business case is to look at IDMP implementation not just as a compliance project but as an investment in building a clean, harmonized and consistently coded product information database. This database can be leveraged as an investment in driving business process transformation across departments. This would mean achieving greater operational efficiencies and creating competitive advantage across the value chain.

This on demand webinar will discuss multiple win-win factors that IDMP implementation has to offer for various stakeholders – be it an in-house or contract manufacturers, regulatory operations, safety case processing team, labelling group, product change management team, safety risk mitigation team and supply chain partners. These factors can be used to successfully build a convincing business case for your management not just for an initial IDMP readiness assessment but also for the upcoming 2016 IDMP compliance implementation in the EMA.

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