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ArisGlobal LifeSphere® Platform

Your Ground-Breaking Cognitive Platform

LifeSphere®: The Journey to Innovation

It’s a tale almost as old as the life sciences industry: a breakthrough is achieved and companies are eager to put it into practice and reap the rewards, but all too often something gets in the way – be it process related, competition, regulations, poor interoperability or inconsistencies.

But imagine a world where your innovations, collaborations and global business objectives are brought seamlessly to fruition; where your technology is a true enabler and not constantly at the mercy of updates, complex company specifics or lack of integration; and where those straightforward, yet time-consuming tasks could be automated.

Bringing visionary ideas into practice requires insights and industry knowledge, broad consideration for trends and practices, and application of what is proven to work best. And that’s how ArisGlobal’s four key tenets came into being.

The ArisGlobal Four Tenets: Bringing Opportunity to Life

Our experience over the past 30 years has taught us that industry consistently approaches problems the same way, irrespective of size of company or company type. So, we decided to capture and codify those thought processes and methods and apply an industry standard best-practices approach to our thinking.

In addition, years of observation made us aware that companies would take software solutions and customize them to fit their own rules and thinking. The problem with that approach, however, was it made upgrades complex, costly and time-consuming and of little to no value for each company. That led to our second tenet, multi-tenant cloud deployment, which results in consistent delivery, allowing companies to save time and money, be faster and more agile in how they run their business and avoid upgrade headaches. In one fell swoop, we solved a problem that has plagued the industry for years and delivered best practices to companies.

Open architecture, our third tenet, answers the challenges that an industry built on new acquisitions, new products, expanded geographies, extensive partnerships and, consequently, complex integration faces. With open architecture, we’ve removed the issue of systems that can’t be integrated, the requirement for manual, error-prone steps and issues of transparency. And, at the same time, we’ve enabled companies to respond to regulatory demands for more data, more rapidly.

These three tenets make possible the fourth tenet, cognitive computing and automation. By leveraging open architecture, best practices, and multi-tenancy, it becomes possible to automate repetitive tasks across the product life cycle.

And so our LifeSphere platform was born, built on those four tenets and on boldly paving the way for global innovation to happen. Follow our ArisGlobal LifeSphere journey and learn how each element within the journey provides the building blocks for your own innovation across:


Today’s life sciences organizations face a diverse set of problems that challenge even the largest and most experienced teams:

  • Growing regulatory complexity, commitments and compliance demands
  • Inefficient, manual work processes that impede productivity and prevent collaboration
  • A lack of cross-system integration plus data and software compatibility issues make the ‘single source of truth’ extremely difficult to achieve

It’s no wonder that companies are unable to easily achieve compliance and get the actionable insights, visibility and information to make intelligent decisions.