Project Phoenix

A New Approach to Product Design

Learn how ArisGlobal is improving the LifeSphere user experience through a new design-centric interface, with a focus on usability, clarity and simplicity.

Project Phoenix

ArisGlobal is proud to unveil a new approach to design-centricity, internally code-named Project Phoenix and in development for more than a year. Our next generation design system, Project Phoenix has been crafted to deliver a truly modern user experience, with the goal of enabling completion of tasks with greater ease, simplicity and efficiency.

Project Phoenix provides significant improvements across key areas:

  • User Experience – Improving product navigation and ease of use 
  • Quality – Streamlining and enhancing product look and feel 
  • Performance – Reducing latency and improving speed  
  • Analytics – Focusing on data-driven user experience improvements

The Importance of Product Design

With intense dedication to product design, user research, and behavioral economics, today’s leading technology platforms have redefined the way users expect products to look, function and feel. Whether online shopping or performing a job-related task, software users are now accustomed to a certain ease of use, intuitiveness and beauty in the interfaces they engage with.

Simple Navigation

The LifeSphere UI now features an improved look and feel to streamline the user experience. Navigation has been designed to get the user where they need to go with clear, well-defined paths and decision points.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Information Where You Need It

We’ve organized information into distinct areas with clear themes. Within our new design system, users will always know their current location and logical destination

Design with a Purpose

Personas were defined and distinct user flows created to detail the sequence of actions and steps for each activity. Targeted navigation is specific to each user profile.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Information Where You Need It

We’ve focused on making LifeSphere the industry’s easiest platform to learn. Superfluous, distracting elements have been eliminated, with an aim toward reducing the cognitive load a user needs to absorb.

Automate All Core Functions of the Drug Development Lifecycle

For the first time, the LifeSphere platform provides an enterprise-level approach that unifies every fact of the product lifecycle, with global regulatory compliance at its core.


Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality

Project Phoenix – Next Generation Design System

Our next generation design system, Project Phoenix has been crafted to deliver our customers a truly modern user experience, with the ultimate goal of enabling completion of tasks with greater ease and efficiency.

Learning made easier: Presenting the all new Automation/PV knowledge hub

Automation, fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, brings substantial benefits. By automating daily activities and repetitive tasks, companies experience time savings and decreasing costs. 

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