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Medical Affairs Case Study: US based Bio-Pharma chooses ArisGlobal as its Medical Information Solution Partner


With a history dating back to the late 1980s, this western U.S. biopharmaceutical company has focused its development efforts on bringing innovative medicines to patients with central nervous system (CNS) and neurodegenerative disorders. More than 25 years later, the publicly held company continues to grow and focus on the development of CNS treatments.


1.Different vendors for different solutions. This biopharma company initially outsourced their Medical Information (MI) and safety systems to different contract medical information vendors. These vendors used IRMS from Online Business Applications for MI management, and used Oracle Argus for clinical safety and pharmacovigilance (PV). The lack of integration between the two systems was a concern as the company understood the value that would be gained from streamlining the reporting of adverse events to PV teams.

2.Cost of maintaining an on-premise application was high and inefficient. IRMS turned out to be an expensive MI system when managed on premise. With a look to its growing needs, scalability was another issue they felt IRMS couldn’t provide, considering the number of therapeutic products that were in their pipeline. Additionally, the process of integrating the MI system with the safety system was a challenge and cost they hadn’t yet tackled as the technology differences between the two software systems made it a difficult endeavor.

3.Reporting was a challenge: The IRMS system not a fully Web-enabled system. Frustrated users were unable to easily produce timely reports and generate actionable insights.

4.Application not user friendly: The final downside for IRMS was that it was not user friendly and involved redundant processes, requiring users to work through multiple steps to create a single query.


This biopharma company made the decision to switch to a more complete MI solution, one which would provide:
Faster deployment at reduced costs, offering highly configurable and scalable technology on a mobile-enabled and Cloud-based platform

The ability to effectively integrate MI and safety systems and automate the process

Comprehensive management reports, trending and performance metrics

More features than the existing IRMS system, such as powerful search tools, automated features, robust content management, configurable workflows, ad hoc reports builder, and advanced communication features

Ability to fulfill all regulatory and compliance requirements

A single vendor solution, preferably with a vendor partner who can provide and integrate all software solution needs


This biopharma company evaluated several solutions and chose ArisGlobal’s agInquirer™ MI solution for a number of reasons:

ArisGlobal offers a range of solutions to meet their growing Safety and Medical Information needs, all of which seamlessly integrate with one other. This would help them move to a single solution provider for better negotiation and easier vendor relationship management.

Other providers evaluated were comparatively more expensive and could not offer an integrated Cloud-based system.

Superior workflow automation functionalities would reduce the time and efforts in inquiry management, improving overall efficiency.

ArisGlobal’s well-established global delivery model is available on a highly scalable and reliable Cloud platform, unlike the legacy IRMS system, which requires Citrix for global access.


agInquirer gives users an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

ArisGlobal solution is fully Web-based and deployable on premise or in the Cloud.

agInquirer is scalable to any size organization and provides significantly more advanced features compared to IRMS, ensuring that it will meet needs now and in the future .

This biopharma company has successfully eliminated the manual process of triaging queries and submitting adverse events to the safety team.

Improved configurable reports and user dashboards enable better role-based decision making.

ArisGlobal solutions helped collate the Company product dictionary, thus making the product dictionary usage beneficial.

Project implementation started in June 2011 and go-live was in January 2012.

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