Signal and Risk Management

Faster, smarter, and simpler: unlock the strategic value of your safety data.

LSSRM Dashboard

Proactively identify, evaluate, and manage safety issues with industry-leading innovation and unified, end-to-end signal management.

The value of big data is game-changing. LifeSphere® Signal and Risk Management helps you unlock that value, to detect signals faster, reduce false positives, and drive greater product safety.


Detect Signals Faster

Find signals faster by seamlessly bringing together diverse data sources out-of-the-box. This enables faster cross-source queries across your data, without wasting time working against siloed sources, or the costly 3rd-party tools and coding.
LSSRM - Dashboard (Faster Signal Detection)
LSSRM - Dashboard (Reduce False Positives)

Reduce False Positives

Detect patterns and signals not discoverable using traditional manual analyses through our industry-leading automation. Leverage pre-validated, proven, and easily deployable cognitive automation, AI, ML, and NLP to ensure you find higher-quality signals and reduce false positives.

Streamline Signal Evaluation

Enable faster, more precise benefit-risk evaluations using customizable, interactive dashboards and visualizations. Make it simple to conduct ad hoc analyses in real-time, ensure all relevant benefit-risk information is considered.

LSSRM - Dashboard (Evaluate Signals Faster)
LSSRM - Dashboard (Act on Insights Sooner)

Act on Insights Sooner

Act on your signal insights sooner by unifying detection, risk management, and action planning. By enabling seamless, end-to-end workflows, you can manage risk and form action plans faster, ultimately leveraging your signal insights to ensure greater product safety.

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Reinventing the Way Life Sciences Companies Define, Manage and Communicate Product Safety Profile

LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management is the industry’s most advanced end-to-end platform for the definition, identification, management and communication of safety risks throughout a medicinal product’s lifecycle.


Managing and Mastering Pharmacovigilance: The SMB Perspective

Cognitive Computing in Pharmacovigilance: Revamping Drug Safety Using an Advanced Computing System

The cost of conducting pharmacovigilance is increasing year-on-year with the growing volume of cases received by the pharmaceutical companies. Cognitive computing algorithms could automate several activities in pharmacovigilance, decreasing the overall costs of conducting pharmacovigilance. 

How to Select an Automated Drug Safety Platform in Three Steps
Organizations looking to invest in a next-generation Safety system should seek a technology vendor with proven industry knowledge that can deliver a pre-validated solution with true end-to-end automation.

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Detect signals faster and drive greater product safety

Data Source Integration

Support seamless out-of-the-box integration with diverse internal and external data sources without requiring 3rd party tools and coding.

Scalable Cloud Environment

Work in a scalable, cloud-based environment, lowering the total cost of ownership, and offering seamless upgrades.

Compliance Made Easy

Built-in compliance and audit support helps you ensure total accordance with the latest regulatory requirements.

Industry-Leading Automation

Leverage cognitive automation, AI, ML, and NLP that is proven in numerous real-world environments, extensively pre-validated, and easily deployable.

Interactive Visualizations

Create customized, easy-to-use dashboards and visualizations to understand changing benedit-risk profiles quickly and easily.

Unified Workflows

Seamlessly draw your signal insights into risk management and action planning using unified, end-to-end workflows.