EV Triage

Intelligent, automated triage of E2B cases from EVWEB.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Automating the Triage of MAH-Applicable E2B (R3) Cases from EVWEB

As marketing authorization holders (MAHs) strive to meet the EMA requirement of downloading E2B (R3) files from the EVWEB portal, LifeSphere EV Triage is the cloud-based software tool that automates the triage process of segregating and reconciling applicable cases from other non-relevant cases.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Accelerate Aggregation and Reconciliation

Reduce the manual effort required to separate the cases relevant to marketing authorization holders.

Collaborate Better

LifeSphere EV Triage offers full interoperability with any pharmacovigilance system and the E2B converter of choice.
LifeSphere Medical Information
LifeSphere Medical Information

Get Going Faster

LifeSphere EV Triage deploys quickly as a cloud-based plug-in as well as on-premise.


Delivering Real Results to a Global Client Base



Global Colaboration

80% of the top 50 pharma companies are our clients



Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine



Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities




100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards

Delivering Efficiency Through Intelligent, Automated Triage of E2B Cases from EVWEB
LifeSphere EV Triage is a cloud application that automates triage of applicable
EVWEB cases from non-relevant cases, bringing peace of mind and efficiency gains to busy safety teams.

Managing and Mastering Pharmacovigilance: The SMB Perspective

Automated Segregation of Relevant ICSRs from EudraVigilance

One of the key requirements of the new pharmacovigilance legislation (Regulation 726/2004) in the EU is simplified reporting of individual case safety reports (ICSRs) by a Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) to the new EudraVigilance (EV) system.

How to Select an Automated Drug Safety Platform in Three Steps
Organizations looking to invest in a next-generation Safety system should seek a technology vendor with proven industry knowledge that can deliver a pre-validated solution with true end-to-end automation.

Partnering With the Industry’s Best


Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost Savings.

Easy Zip File Importing

LifeSphere EV Triage provides automated pooling of zip files from a folder, and the capability to upload zip files that have been downloaded from EVWEB.

Smart Analysis with Auto-Matching

LifeSphere EV Triage provides a direct match, fuzzy match, narrative analysis, matching against a local corpus, and corpus sync with the safety product library. It also provides a reconciliation report generation based on a date range or zip file name.

Intuitive User Interface

LifeSphere EV Triage offers date-wise segregation of processed zip files, summaries of each download zip file, matching attributes in a single listing, and easy visualization. It also offers matched attribute highlighting, easy views all products and narrative from XML, and easy data exchange with Microsoft Excel.

Out-of-the-Box Readiness

The only proven and validated off-the-shelf solution to offer one platform for all safety surveilance needs, resulting in a more efficient drug development process and cost reductions.

Worry-Free Implementation and Integration

Fast, professional implementation teams adhere to industry best practices to get your teams up and running quickly.

Connect with existing systems via API connectors and web services. 

Best-in-Class Implementation Partner

ArisGlobal wants to help make your journey as effortless as possible – not just at the beginning, but over the long-term. A multitude of support and service options, including Managed Services, Professional Services,
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