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A highly secure and flexible delivery platform

LifeSphere Cloud

The ArisGlobal LifeSphere Cloud leverages the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery platform to offer all ArisGlobal products on its private cloud, dedicated and aligned to the specific needs of the life sciences industry. Used by more than 200 cloud-based customers of all types and sizes spread around the world — US, Europe and Asia — The ArisGlobal LifeSphere Cloud is leading the life science industry with its highly secure and flexible delivery platform to meet compliance and management requirements with ease. With pre-validated solutions that are based on industry best practices workflow and configurations, our cloud platform helps companies reduce the total cost of ownership of ArisGlobal products by minimizing the investment in IT infrastructure and support staff and helping them maintain the highest level of compliance.

Unlike other hosted systems that are developed and maintained by third parties, end-to-end management and maintenance of the ArisGlobal Cloud is performed by ArisGlobal, which gives customers the peace of mind that they have a “powered by” solution that reflects the innovative technology of the world’s most trusted provider of software solutions for life sciences.