Learn How Drug Safety Teams Can Overcome Resource Challenges

Pharmacovigilance and drug safety departments in life sciences companies must do more with less yet meet or exceed the same levels of quality and compliance. As case volumes and complexities increase, many safety departments simply cannot survive if they continue with their current risk evaluation and mitigation strategies.

Further, regulators exercising ‘zero tolerance’ policies expect pharmaceutical companies to have sound and compliant safety systems in place as the emphasis has shifted to signal detection, risk prevention, assessment and minimization as patient safety is paramount.

To help address these challenges, attend the upcoming webinar as experts including industry leader Dr. Krishna Bahadursingh will provide insights both as a former executive from a Top-10 pharma and the business leader for ArisGlobal’s world-renown safety solutions.

Register today to learn how drug safety systems need to evolve to manage existing challenges in safety – and how resource-strapped teams can help ensure compliance and prevent risk by leveraging technology.

Register for the webinar today – Thursday, Nov. 10 at 3PM London / 10AM New York!