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Industry Report 2021

Current State of Automation and AI Adoption in Life Sciences

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It’s Time to Map the Gap

Companies need to speed up their current development cycle, yet there are automation gaps across the drug development lifecycle. We conducted a survey to better understand how organizations view the value of automation and what’s holding them back. Download the report to see what we discovered.

Riding the Edge of Automation

The gap between the advanced drugs in development and the processes used to reach those breakthroughs needs to be closed. Organizations can map the gap by embracing digital transformation and automation. This report explores the challenges and identifies the most beneficial areas to embrace automation in the near term.

Intelligent Automation and Innovation is the Future

With investment in intelligent automation and AI technologies, organizations can successfully accelerate drug development increasing the pace of innovation and improving time to market. Our market research shows that from pharmacovigilance to clinical trials, the benefit of automation is the future of drug development.

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Amazing Benefits for Life Sciences

There’s a need for automation across the drug development process — yet it varies in each step of the process. To see where each stage of drug development can improve, download the detailed report now.

Take Automation to the Next Level

Take Automation to the Next Level Download the free report with market research and data-backed insights to see where your organization can automate and accelerate.

Download the Report

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