COVID – 19

Important Update Regarding COVID-19 from ArisGlobal President and CEO Sankesh Abbhi

The ArisGlobal team is committed to servicing all customers without interruptions while providing exceptional support, even in times of uncertainty.

Dear Valued ArisGlobal Partners,

As the global COVID-19 situation evolves, the ArisGlobal team has continued to closely monitor developments and take proactive measures to ensure the continuity of our business operations and services, as well as the wellbeing of our employees.

Though we have begun to see containment of the pandemic in certain areas of the world, many regions continue to struggle with its effects. Recent developments have seen a spike in the volume of COVID-19 cases in India. Several of our colleagues have been impacted either directly or are caring for family members and friends affected. As a result, we have activated ArisGlobal’s Business Continuity Plan for our locations in Bangalore and Mysore to ensure uninterrupted operations and employee safety. During this period, all company employees in India will continue to be required to work from home leveraging secure VPN connectivity.

We continue to provide our products and services to customers without interruption with a commitment to offering exceptional support during an uncertain time. ArisGlobal’s Cloud, Engineering, Product, Professional Services, and Commercial teams are functioning normally. Further, our cloud infrastructure is fully operational leveraging the robust Business Continuity capabilities provided by Amazon Web Services, including regional Availability Zones and built-in redundancies.

We will provide updates to this information as the circumstances develop and in accordance with our Business Continuity Plan. Please know that all communication channels will continue to function normally. Our Customer Success, Global Customer Support and Account teams are fully available for any questions, inquiries, or if you need to reach out to them for any reason.

Our solemn thoughts are with those impacted by COVID-19. We wish everyone health and safety.


Sankesh Abbhi
President and CEO