Industry Standard Practices

Building our platforms hand-in-hand with the life sciences industry to facilitate standardization and ensure out-of-the-box readiness.

The Industry Standard Practices Initiative

ArisGlobal is committed to ensuring our clients can leverage the best practices of the industry in the LifeSphere platform. With over 30 years of industry experience and relationships with many of the top global life sciences organizations, we have established the “Industry Standard Practices” (ISP) initiative to provide our customers with a suite of products that come with best of breed out-of-the-box configurations and functionality. 

The ISP Mission

To realize the ISP vision, ArisGlobal has assembled representatives from leading global life sciences organizations into working groups, designed to align on a common vision for the technology solutions that are powering drug development. Consisting of key members of the industry, along with ArisGlobal’s team of highly skilled experts, ISP groups across safety, regulatory, medical affairs and clinical development facilitate common interpretation, understanding and adoption of the technology and process changes required to keep pace with the rapidly evolving drug development landscape.

Key ISP Functions:

  1. Ongoing research and review to continuously refine and optimize industry best practices
  2. Maintaining a forward-looking approach to ensure product roadmaps are supporting upcoming regulations
  3. Avoiding customer-specific customization and focusing on harmonization of processes
  4. Standardizing out-of-box configurations for streamlined future implementations

A Transparent, Collaborative Approach

The ISP approach requires that ideas for product enhancements routed to ISP groups are subjected to a “filtering” process in order to qualify for integration into a given product roadmap. Once the requested enhancement is marked for ISP, it is classified as either a “Fast Track” or “Working Group” item, based on criticality, overall effort and the development time required.

It is our philosophy that all ISP participants should have access to the enhancements agreed upon by their respective ISP group.  A dedicated SharePoint link is available to all ISP members to share and track various artifacts and documentation related to the ISP groups.