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MedComm Blogs

A diverse group of business professionals sitting around a board room table

Data is the lifeblood of businesses today. Data informs strategy and measures success across all industries. While some companies…

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When saddled with legacy medical information systems, Medical Affairs teams are forced to behave like detectives, hunting down information…

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5 Key Takeaways From the 2021 DIA Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

The DIA Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications (MASC) Forum is created for medical affairs professionals by the best…

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How Medical Affairs is Becoming a Strategic Pillar in Pharma

Science and data are transforming the groundwork for pharma for both patients and customers and innovation is altering the healthcare…

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How Does HR Tie-In to COVID-19? Meet Clint Wolfe, CHRO at ArisGlobal, To Find Out

The ArisGlobal marketing department spent time with Clint Wolfe, Chief Human Resources Officer. They discussed changes at ArisGlobal, working from home, how different areas of the globe are handling COVID-19 differently, and more.

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ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Mobile Has Evolved into LifeSphere Reporter. Here is What That Means for You.

A key offering in ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere platform, LifeSphere Reporter empowers field reps, provides fields teams and approved users with secure access, and easily integrates with LSMV10 and other systems.

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ArisGlobal Hosts Optimizing Adverse Event Reconciliation in Medical Affairs Webinar

Many life sciences companies are still utilizing a manual process for their medical affairs needs. ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere ® Medical Affairs platform can help automate this process. Learn more about Medical Affairs and automated processes with our webinar, Optimizing Adverse Event Reconciliation in Medical Affairs.

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ArisGlobal Insights – Interview with Sandeep Mahagaonkar

This is the fourth in a four-part blog series that examines the Clinical, Medical Affairs, Regulatory, and Safety business units at ArisGlobal. Director of Product Management – Medical Affairs and Quality, Sandeep Mahagaonkar, spoke about what attracted him to ArisGlobal, the state of Medical Affairs, and the vision for 2020 and beyond.

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Moving to Self-Service: A Key Component of an Effective Automated Content Management Strategy for Medical Information Managers

By 2020, 67% of physicians will be digital natives and will prefer obtaining medical information on specific medications through digital channels, and by 2025, 75% of our global workforce will be accomplished by millennials who are extremely comfortable with digital technology. In this final blog of our two-part series, we share how the move to self-service is creating a clear paradigm shift and impacting the content management strategy of today’s MI departments.

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While “Speed of Delivery” Tops the List of Medical Affairs Challenges, Active Use of Automation Is Still in the Early Stages

On June 18th, 2019, ArisGlobal presented the webinar “Effective Automated Content Management Strategies for Today’s Successful Medical Information Managers.” When polled, 40% of attendees rated “speed of delivering information” as their top challenge, yet only 13% have adopted automated component authoring to help remedy the situation. That and other interesting insights are shared in this first of a two-part blog series.

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ArisGlobal Launches LifeSphere NavaX™   Learn More

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