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Letter From Our CEO: Nordic Capital Acquires ArisGlobal, Fuels Growth

It is with great excitement that we announce that Nordic Capital has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ArisGlobal. Over these 32 years, ArisGlobal has built a sustainable and growing business that thrives on its partnerships with many life sciences companies and regulatory agencies. These customer relationships, some lasting decades, have allowed ArisGlobal to become a leading healthcare technology company with over 1200 employees across an expansive global footprint.

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ArisGlobal Is Going “All-In” on Amazon AWS. Here Is What It Means to Our Customers.

ArisGlobal, part of the more cautious and highly regulated life science go “all-in on AWS” by moving the entire cloud infrastructure to the AWS platform. This move benefits both ArisGlobal and to our customers.

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Practical Implementation of GDPR within Medical Information: A Post-Webcast Perspective

This blog recaps ArisGlobal’s recent webcast on the GDPR implementation within medical information systems and examines audience polling results related to readiness, compliance, and more

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Medical Information: Easy Integration of LifeSphere® MI with Your Chosen CRM Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

As a medical information software provider, it is necessary to recognize that there is some decent software out there in the life science’s space

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Mobility and Medical Affairs:  Enabling Communication and Collaboration – Technology Considerations – Part 2

Our first blog on this topic addressed “The importance of mobility and medical affairs (MA) and its value to the organization is most definitely on the rise.” In this concluding blog we share specific examples of how mobile technology improves MA and arms you with the criteria and questions to ask as you investigate possible medical information solutions.

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Mobility and Medical Affairs: Enabling Communication and Collaboration across the Stakeholder Spectrum – Part 1

“The most competitive pharma companies in the coming decade will be masters of data and digital technologies.” So begins the June 2017 industry brief, “Reinventing the Role of Medical Affairs,” by Bain & Company.

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Today’s Medical Information (MI) and Medical Affairs professionals are juggling multiple challenges: they must adapt to decentralization, outsourcing and globalization…

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Adverse Event Reporting Software Gets a New Friend: Mobile

Every one of us at some point will take a medication and likely suffer some sort of adverse reaction. However,…

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New Rules Challenging Data Privacy Retention Processes

Data privacy and data retention seem to become more complicated by the day in the realm of medical affairs and pharmacovigilance.

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