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Automation technologies are having a major impact on performance and productivity across industries. In regulatory, these technologies also have the potential to reshape many activities across regulatory, leading to significant productivity gains. While there’s a lot of talk about how automation technologies will create new roles with exciting opportunities, the most powerful impact will be on the data quality and the efficiency with which manual tasks will be accomplished.

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Getting Connected: The Benefits of a Unified Clinical Platform

The constant and critical push to accelerate a product’s time to market continues to push clinical teams to seek solutions that deliver greater efficiencies. But after 20 years of...

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Automation in Pharmacovigilance Data Processing – Do You Trust AI?

On November 28, 2017, ArisGlobal held a webinar with DIA, “How Automation Can Deliver the Holy Grail in Safety: Achieve Productivity, Compliance and Quality”.  In this webinar, we posed a few questions to the audience, and came up with some interesting information.  We took this and spent some thinking about what this means to our clients in the PV ecosystem.

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ArisGlobal appoints Sankesh Abbhi as President & CEO

Changing leadership will rapidly advance company’s focus on LifeSphere® cognitive computing platform Miami, Florida, 13…

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Is Regulatory Affairs Ready for Automation?

The presentation explores productivity gains from automation in other settings to identify applicability for Regulatory professionals. Looking at Regulatory Information…

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THE CLIENT NEED A full-service contract research organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Total Clinical Trial Management (TCTM), was eager to…

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Productivity, Compliance and Quality: The Holy Grail in Pharmacovigilance

This webinar details how organizations can counter these challenges and become more sophisticated in their drug-related adverse event reporting by adopting state-of-the-art cognitive computing processes into their existing pharmacovigilance management systems. It addresses how cognitive computing technologies can automate a multitude of tasks in pharmacovigilance.

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ArisGlobal Is 1st Pharmacovigilance Solutions Provider to Successfully Complete Testing with EMA E2B R3 Import & Export Functionality

LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance is the first pharmacovigilance solution (version to have successfully completed E2B R3 testing with the XCOMP EudraVigilance system. Organizations using this same tested version should contact the European Medicines Agency and confirm that step 5b can be performed by themselves without the need for confirmation by the Agency.

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Top-five Global Life Sciences Company selects ArisGlobal enterprise-Level Pharmacovigilance and Safety Platform

ArisGlobal today announced that a top-five global life sciences company based in the U.S. selected ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety cloud solution suite as its enterprise-level pharmacovigilance and drug safety software platform to enhance their capabilities to deliver health and wellness outcomes to waiting patients around the globe and across all business units: pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods.

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ArisGlobal Regulatory Expert to Present at eRegulatory Summit on Industry Transformation

CHICAGO, IL. APRIL 7, 2017–ArisGlobal, LLC, a global leader in providing cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences, has announced…

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