Key Features/Benefits

Report adverse events, submit and register medical enquiries and complaints

Available online or as Android/IOS

Role-based forms (HCP/consumer/internal sales etc.,)

Submit reports directly to agTracker/ARISg

Register or report as an unregistered user

Improve compliance


With limited time, it is often difficult for patients, healthcare professionals and internal stakeholders such as MSLs and sales representatives to report adverse events in a timely and accurate manner.   Sales reps and MSLs are often given paper reporting forms, word documents or asked to use online web forms that are often difficult to access.  This often leads to late or even lost reports leading to significant compliance issues which can lead to serious sanctions and fines by the regulatory agencies.   Every company representative, whether field-based or office-based needs the tools to allow them to report potential adverse event report as efficiently as possible.  It is then the responsibility of the PV group to triage all inbound receipts and determine if these are valid reports, classifying them as new reports, duplicates or follow-ups before processing in the global drug safety database.


agReporter™ is the new way for medical sales representatives, MSLs, healthcare professionals and patients to track and report adverse events, submit medical enquiries and report product complaints from a single unified platform directly from their smartphone or tablet.  Available as a web-based capture solution or as a mobile app, agReporter makes it simpler for all users to report adverse events.   Based on the latest mobile technology, agReporter can be integrated with existing systems for complaint management, adverse event management and medical enquiry management but comes integrated out of the box with the ArisGlobal unified medical communications platform consisting of agInquirer (medical information), agTracker (adverse event triage) and agResponder (complaints) and the Oracle Argus global drug safety database.

agReporter allows users to register or submit reports as an unregistered user.  An unregistered user can log adverse events, submit medical enquiries and report product complaints while the registered user can view activity history, report follow-ups and access published FAQs and documents based on the user privileges.  Depending how the user role, the system will present different data entry forms to the user guiding them through the data collection process.

A complete solution, agReporter is seamlessly integrated with agTracker and agXchange IRT, where the inbound reports can then be triaged by the PV teams and appropriately classified as new reports, duplicates or follow-up with invalid cases archived until further information can be obtaine