Key Features/Benefits

  • Streamlines call center management
  • Performs as a front end to any Safety, Medical Information and Product Complaint system
  • Integrates with any CRM system such as
  • Configurable log forms for front-end systems


A pharmaceutical or biotech company’s call center is often the first to hear and learn about a possible adverse event, complaint or inquiry regarding a specific product. Their ability to quickly identify, route and track the nature of each inbound call is vital toward meeting compliance requirements, satisfying customers and protecting company reputation.


agDispatch streamlines call center handling of potential adverse events, product complaints and medical information inquiries.  Offered as a low-cost, cloud-based solution, agDispatch is the intelligent front end to an organization’s chosen medical information, product complaint and adverse event management systems.< 

Support for keyword handling helps warn call center staff of a possible adverse event (AE).  Once the nature of the call is identified, a call center professional is presented with the appropriate log form to capture all necessary details. This form is then automatically routed to the respective back-end system for processing.

agDispatch offers out-of-the-box integration with or can be easily integrated with in-house or other third-party customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Key caller information is automatically copied from the CRM system to agDispatch, with any updates automatically shared back to the CRM system. 

  • Data Sheets