Webinar Replay: Recent Survey Reveals Managing Multi-channel Communication Is the Greatest Challenge for Medical Information Teams

Dec 09, 2016

Medcomm Webinar Replay

Medical information is key to the successful marketing and adoption of any drug. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies have silo’d, disconnected systems and expend enormous amounts of resources generating and disseminating medical information through many channels, often resulting in increased costs and higher risk.

In a recent webinar, “Five Keys to Success for the Medical Information Professional,” Simon Sparkes, business leader for ArisGlobal’s world-renown medical communications solutions, provided insights based on his 28 year’s expertise within the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, he spoke about how medical information systems integration and automation can be effectively achieved, streamlining many of today’s processes.

During the webinar, attendees were polled on a key topic:

While “managing multi-channel communication” was the top challenge facing medical information professionals, it does reveal that “ensuring global compliance” is also a primary concern.

Watch the on-demand webinar now to see how you can learn from industry experts – and how you can future-proof your processes to ensure survival in the future.