Key Features/Benefits

  • Available on any mobile smartphone/tablet (IOS/Android)
  • Works with any version of ARISg™
  • Supports key safety functions from any location
  • Improves compliance by minimizing delays in the workflow process
  • Increases staff efficiency


For the majority of people, our everyday lives increasingly rely on  our use of  our use of tablets and smartphones. Whether it is for personal life or business, the smartphone and tablet have improved our lives in ways unimaginable just a few years ago, and the technology continues to evolve with new apps and ideas, including health applications arriving every day. 

Safety App Strategy

In business, we typically use our mobile devices to read and respond to our emails, communicate with our colleagues, check our CRM and complete expenses amongst other activities.

As the proven, leading innovator in Pharmacovigilance, ArisGlobal has developed a mobile app strategy that will transform the way all PV activities were conducted.  While of course, heavy-duty data entry will continue to be performed from a desktop, the deployment of mobile apps throughout the pharmacovigilance (PV) group will provide many ways to improve efficiency and facilitate compliance.   

ArisGlobal has initially released 3 mobile apps that improve safety operations management and will continue to deliver new safety apps as part of an ongoing investment program in clinical safety and pharmacovigilance.

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