Key Features/Benefits

  • Delivers real-time visibility into the supply chain
  • Reduces risks associated with supply stockouts or overages 
  • Seamlessly integrates with EDC, CTMS and ePRO
  • Provides complex randomization functionality
  • Auto-calculation of medication dosage based on patient data
  • Configurable workflows and automated re-ordering functionality
  • Automated generation of orders per user-defined parameters
  • Flexible configurability to ensure adherence to supply chain processes


Clinical trial supply optimization is a complex challenge that routinely involves a product passing through any number of hands before it is ever administered to the patient. If not done well, supply chain mistakes can result in serious consequences. Excessive overages translate into waste and money spent unnecessarily. Inadequate inventory can delay trials and lose patients in the process. Emergency remediation consumes time and energy that takes away from other priorities. What life science companies seek is an effective IWRS supply management solution that effectively tracks supplies throughout multiple study sites, warehouses and depots.

LifeSphere RTSM™

LifeSphere RTSM is the web-based supply chain management system for tracking supplies throughout the entire supply chain. Our system ensures accurate follow-up on orders and shipments and provides an automatic ordering capability based on site supply thresholds. Pharmaceutical sponsors, biotechs and CROs manage trial supplies more easily and efficiently by automating the inventories of sites and depots throughout the drug supply chain. LifeSphere RTSM sits at the forefront of delivery of advanced methods for solving complicated supply issues such as adaptive trial designs and titration regimens. Its web-based tools provide extended functionality and management control in the hands of clinical study teams.

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