Key Features/Benefits

  • Comprehensive safety analytics solution with out-of-box integration with all LifeSphere Safety™ solutions
  • Eliminates need to manually consolidate safety data from various sources, including those from affiliates, partners and different operating units
  • Provides clear business intelligence to drive key operational and compliance metric goals in a timely and proactive manner
  • Continuously monitors the complete case-processing lifecycle to identify new and emerging compliance and operational risks
  • Optimizes resource management by tracking and monitoring resource utilization and productivity across organizational units and operations


Adverse event reporting and analysis requires complex querying and data mining. Further, many of the aggregate reports required are also complex and as such can significantly impact the case processing database when such queries and reports are generated

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics™ - Safety Data Warehouse

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics provides a unified safety data hub solution for safety operations and periodic reporting. With its optimized data model, intuitive web analytics interface and intelligent content generation techniques, LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics helps organizations improve operational efficiencies, measure compliance and reduce periodic reporting workload. While providing seamless integration with safety system of choice, LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics is your one-stop platform for forecasting and optimizing case processing and workload, improving global compliance across functional areas and reducing PSUR/DSUR preparation and submission times – thereby achieving continuous cost savings with demonstrated compliance.