Key Features/Benefits

  • Provides self-service access to approved content based on contact category
  • Streamlines collection of adverse events, product complaints and medical inquiries
  • Available as a self-service (online) portal or mobile app
  • Provides secure access to approved content, including FAQs and standard documents
  • Offline availability
  • Reduces paperwork and data entry
  • Enables broad, global use with multi-lingual support (Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Finnish and Swedish

LifeSphere Mobile MA™

LifeSphere Mobile MA™ is the new way for medical sales representatives, MSLs, healthcare professionals and patients to track and report side effects, submit medical inquiries and report product complaints from a single, unified platform directly from their smartphone or tablet.  Available as a web-based capture solution or as a mobile app, LifeSphere Mobile MA makes it simpler for all users to correspond with medical information groups to get the latest medical advice. With offline capabilities, users can report adverse events, submit inquiries and report product complaints while capturing the electronic signature and photos or videos to improve traceability.

Based on its open architecture, LifeSphere Mobile MA can be integrated with a company’s existing systems for complaint, adverse event and medical inquiry management. However, the solution offers seamless integration out of the box with LifeSphere MI (medical information), LifeSphere Intake and Triage (adverse event triage) and LifeSphere Product Complaints (complaints).

LifeSphere Mobile MA allows users to register or submit reports as an unregistered user.  An unregistered user can log adverse events, submit medical inquiries and report product complaints while the registered user can view activity history, report follow-ups and access published FAQs and documents based on user privileges.  Depending on a user’s role, the system will present different data entry forms to the user guiding them through the data collection process.