Key Features/Benefits

  • Improves the speed and efficiency of multi-channel distribution
  • Provides a ‘single source of truth’ and easier access to content across your organization
  • Create content in MS-Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Manage templates, documents and FAQs
  • Automated workflow approval
  • Link regional translations
  • Integrated with core document management system repositories

LifeSphere CMS™ - Content Management Solution

LifeSphere CMS is an advanced document management solution that supports the creation, review, approval and distribution of content throughout the company.  Offering more than generic document management solutions, LifeSphere CMS is fully integrated with the ArisGlobal solution suite, allowing for the creation of business-specific content such as the PSMF (pharmacovigilance system master file), Safety exchange agreements and other department-specific content.  With full integration of MS-Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), LifeSphere CMS expedites the creation and dissemination of content across the enterprise.

Global and regional (local) content is created and maintained as part of the content management system.  All content is stored in a secure document repository such as Jackrabbit or Documentum. Fully integrated with LifeSphere Mobile MA, content can even be distributed via this mobile MI reporting app to streamline the process.

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