Clinical development challenges have never been tougher and more complex, forcing sponsors to be smarter and more creative in how they conduct and manage clinical trials. But with the deployment of diverse clinical systems from different vendors, using different technology, organizations often face a disconnect within clinical development, making it difficult to ensure compliance and achieve a complete overview of all clinical activity and progress.

LifeSphere Clinical™ – Clinical Development Platform

LifeSphere Clinical™ is a value-added, integrated platform that performs as your multi-tenant cloud and mobile-based workspace for all drug development activity. Users can instantly access a comprehensive suite of interoperable applications for clinical operations and clinical data management (CDM). LifeSphere Clinical delivers on the promise of eClinical by enabling improved collaboration, on-demand data extraction, ad hoc reporting, and the ability to efficiently gather business intelligence – all of which are essential elements for any clinical development organization.

Integrated eClinical Portal

Today’s clinical trials are large and complex, using different programs and solutions to manage different areas. Given this complex clinical trial environment, LifeSphere Clinical™ is the gateway to a unified eClinical platform that mitigates the need to deal with multiple vendors and provides users with the complete view of their trials. Leveraging single sign-on (SSO) technology, users have to remember only one username and password to access all LifeSphere Clinical™ solutions. Personalized dashboards provide key study metrics, performance indicators and summary views based on user roles.

End-to-End Clinical Operations

Improving the end-to-end management of large, complex global clinical trials across global study sites under tight budgets and timelines is a huge challenge for any size organization. To help you meet those challenges, LifeSphere Clinical™ offers a complete range of integrated solutions, including a comprehensive CTMS, eTMF, clinical payments, investigator portal, investigator safety reporting and trial disclosure. These multi-tenant cloud-based solutions leverage cognitive computing for machine learning and are based on industry best practices and an open architecture to better ensure compliance, lower TCO and streamline clinical trial management.

Unified Clinical Data Management

ArisGlobal® offers a unified CDM platform comprised of a cloud-based EDC solution fully unified with RTSM and eCOA. It is built on one set of data structures and one architecture to service all three modules, and gives organizations the ability to finally realize the full potential of clinical data management technologies. This level of unification significantly improves clinical data management in significant ways:

  • One database for EDC, eCOA and RTSM ensures data consolidation
  • Ongoing data cleaning and reconciliation
  • Elimination of cost and delays of point-to-point integration
  • Advanced reporting including integrated dashboards, key performance metrics, standard reports and ad hoc reports
  • No more study-by-study integrations; with unified CDM, studies are built more quickly on one platform that supports all these applications

LifeSphere Clinical™ enables companies to enter data once and share seamlessly across the enterprise. By consolidating and integrating data across systems and relationships, data can be easily shared between many applications. As a result, organizations can ensure safety, improve data quality, reduce data redundancy, shorten go-to-market timelines and ultimately lower costs.

Yet LifeSphere Clinical™ offers complete flexibility so that other popular third-party applications can be easily integrated within our hosted, Cloud-based platform.

While each solution within the LifeSphere Clinical™ platform can be deployed independently, when deployed together, organizations have a comprehensive and integrated platform for clinical development.