Key Features/Benefits

  • Register and track Inquiries, complaints and adverse events from a single unified solution
  • Simplifies mobile access of information and transmission of data from any Android/iOS device
  • Available online or as Android/iOS
  • Access the latest approved product documents & literature
  • Search the online FAQ library
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Multilingual support


For many companies, mechanisms for reporting adverse events and submitting medical inquiries and product complaints are laborious, time consuming, and often discourage healthcare professionals, patients, sales and field medical personnel from reporting.  Most have implemented costly teams to manage the process, using a mix of paper forms, email and help desk to comply with regulatory requirements and company mandates.  Often this manual process also leads to under reporting by sales representatives, which can potentially lead to compliance issues. 

Enabling capture closer to source allows the right teams to use their skills to properly assess potential adverse events, rather than spending time performing data entry tasks - which takes effort, reduces quality and causes backlog.


agReporter is the new way for medical sales representatives, healthcare professionals and patients to track and report side effects, submit medical inquiries and report product complaints from a single, unified platform.  Available as a web-based capture solution or as a mobile app, agReporter makes it simpler for all users to correspond with drug manufacturers and get the latest medical advice.   Based on the latest advances in mobile technology, agReporter can be integrated with existing systems for complaint management, adverse events and medical inquiry management but comes integrated out of the box with the ArisGlobal unified medical communications platform consisting of agInquirer™(medical information), agTracker™ (adverse event triage) and agResponder™ (product complaints).

agReporter™ allows users to register or alternatively submit information as an unregistered user. An unregistered user can log adverse events, submit medical inquiries and report product complaints, while the registered user can view activity history and access published FAQs and documents based on the user privileges.  With advanced integration capabilities, agReporter can integrate with any PV, PQC/PC and MI system to streamline processes and improve compliance.

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