Key Features/Benefits

  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Multi-channel receipt and fulfillment
  • Provides complete AE and PC data collection
  • Designed for global collaboration of MI teams
  • Multilingual support
  • Flexible workflows for inquiry and content management
  • Create, find, and share content global
  • Streamlines information flow through integration  with Safety, call center, product complaint, CRMs & other systems


Every Medical Information (MI) department is tasked with creating and disseminating content globally and responding to inquiries from healthcare professionals, patients, and internal company departments including Sales and Medical Science Liaisons teams. An inability to collaborate and eliminate manual, redundant processes and streamline the information flow is a global challenge that exposes them to a compliance risk.

Burdened with the complexity of working with multiple systems, today companies are looking for a complete solution that seamlessly integrates with key systems and enables communication, collaboration and provides ready access to a global repository of information, allowing medical information teams to accurately, efficiently and quickly respond to all medical inquiries.

LifeSphere MI™ - Medical Information Management

As part of the ArisGlobal MedComm™ unified platform for medical communications, LifeSphere MI is a comprehensive solution that empowers Medical Information (MI) teams to collaboratively meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients and engage them through multiple channels of communication. A complete MI platform, LifeSphere MI allows MI teams to maintain a global repository of response documents and FAQs, with rapid search functions that empower users to rapidly respond to any information requests.   Fully multi-lingual, users can utilize standard responses or provide custom responses in any language, and through its comprehensive versioning and linking of content, users are assured that they are always using the latest approved content. LifeSphere MI allows teams to record medical inquiries, adverse events and product complaints, providing the ability to seamlessly integrate with 3rd-party safety and complaint management systems.

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