Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies implement and manage a large range of disparate solutions from different vendors in an attempt to carefully manage medical affairs communication with patients, healthcare professionals, internal sales and field staff, and regulatory authorities. The resulting complexity is a barrier to internal SOP and regulatory compliance and provides no “single source of truth,” resulting in quality and customer satisfaction issues that impact patient safety, regulatory compliance and company reputation.

ArisGlobal MedComm™

ArisGlobal® MedComm™ provides an integrated, unified medical affairs platform suite to help companies successfully manage all inbound and outbound of post-approval communications for improved compliance and reduced risk of information inconsistency. With ArisGlobal’s MedComm™ platform, the staff time required to manage the Medical Affairs process can be dramatically reduced and deliver significant cost savings. The simplified, automated nature of moving to a unified process provides immediate and long-lasting positive impacts on customer satisfaction and data quality.

ArisGlobal® MedComm™ enables collaboration and communication with marketing, sales, R&D, clinical, regulatory, safety and other teams to ensure that patients and healthcare providers receive globally consistent, accurate and timely information about company products. ArisGlobal® MedComm™ is fully multi-lingual (German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish) and fully mobile enabled for tablets and phones.

The unified platform consists of the following modules:

agInquirer™ – Comprehensive, end-to-end, global medical information management system that utilizes workflow automation to efficiently process inquiries

agResponder™ – Product complaint management system designed to manage the intake of all inbound product complaints from different sources

agBiblio™ – Online electronic “content library” providing global content management