Key Features/Benefits

  • Enables standardization of coding processes across the organization
  • Ensures consistent coding and improves coding quality
  • Simplifies the management of different versions of dictionaries
  • Codes terms from multiple sources including EDC and Safety systems
  • Analyzes the impact of dictionary upgrades on coded terms
  • Reduces costs with efficient, fast and accurate coding
  • Embodies industry standard practices as a default configuration
  • Compliance with ICH and Japanese safety and regulatory obligations for ICSR and Periodic Reporting


Medical coding is a time-consuming and laborious responsibility for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies who conduct clinical trials and market their products in multiple locations around the world.  Many biopharmaceutical companies and CROs struggle with coding medical and drug terms as quickly and efficiently as possible while still ensuring consistent and high quality coding. The management of different versions and different dictionaries used globally adds to the complexity.  Decentralized and isolated medical coding may result in inconsistencies and inefficiencies, which can impede the efforts of reconciling serious adverse events.

agEncoder™ - Medical Coding and Dictionary Management

agEncoder is ArisGlobal’s software solution that automates the process, enabling fast, efficient and consistent coding of medical terms.  The solution is certified by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre and seamlessly integrates with ARISg (PV Case Management) and agCapture (EDC), and provides web services integration to external safety and EDC systems.  Built-in workflow for coding, VTA review and approval significantly reduces the setup time and ensures the system is ready-to-use right from the start. With its GUI-based impact analysis feature, users can understand the impact of a new MedDRA or WHO-DD version with a single mouse click.

agEncoder is a web-based coding and dictionary management system that codes verbatim terms (VTs) from different systems and maintains drug and medical dictionaries at a central location.  agEncoder automates the coding process by using advanced algorithms to support precise and rapid coding of adverse events, disease/laboratory terms, indications and drug verbatim terms.

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