Let me a tell you a clinical story………..

Jun 16, 2016

By David Laky

I joined ArisGlobal in early 2015 to help grow and expand our Clinical business.  At first blush, it looked straightforward enough:  Clinical is an established market with established products.  But, what I have found is a much more nuanced and emerging space.  More to the point it’s become clear that experience is what makes the difference – industry, software development, regulatory, and partnering experience.

ArisGlobal is a market leader in Safety, having offered Safety solutions for 30 years.  We have applied all of our 30 years of lessons to build out a clinical solution suite that is unlike anything else out on the market.  In my past three months during client meetings, what I have learned is that we have a secret sauce. We have developed something that changes the game.

But what is that?

Let’s start with CTMS.  Have you seen our CTMS solution suite?  Our capabilities within our solution are unmatched.  We have focused on the areas where organizational spend has become a sore point and provided a solution set that will reduce your costs and help you increase your efficiencies.  Too many organizations focus on the buzz words in the industry but do not deliver the depth and breadth in a solution that organizations can actually use.  Stop by at DIA and talk to me.  I’ll be at booth #1925

But also, have you heard about our Agile CRO program?  Unlike typical CRO programs, we are approaching CROs the same way they conduct business with their sponsors, study-by-study based upon the actual modules needed.  We provide full CTMS, CDMS, Clinical Trial Transparency data sharing and disclosure, and Safety to Investigator Reporting solutions.  The Agile CRO signs up and only pays for what they need.  When the Agile CRO’s business grows and/or the business needs to expand, ArisGlobal can easily assign additional users or provide access to specific modules.  No longer are you paying for what you do not use.  We call this “Pay as you Grow”.

What about our unified, integrated database?  It may sound technical, but in reality it’s about something quite simple but, unfortunately, almost unheard of in clinical today:  the single source of truth.  Looking for transparency?  We can deliver. How many executives in the clinical space have that today?  ArisGlobal clients do.

In the past year, I’ve been able to make some interesting changes that will have meaning to you.  Our new programs are giving CROs that edge they need to be competitive.  Given the growth we are experiencing, you should hunt me down at DIA and learn more.

What do I mean?  Well, we’ve grown by 60% in the past 12 months in the Clinical development business unit.  We’re bringing on new clients every month.   We’ve launched a whole new business model for small to mid-size CROs that’s unlike anything on the market.  And, we’re hiring.  The ArisGlobal Clinical business is poised to support your organization’s needs and requirements.

We are making a difference.  Be part of the change.  Join me at Booth #1925 at the DIA meeting, June 27-29.