Learn the Five Keys to Success for Medical Information Service Delivery

Nov 24, 2016

Experts Convene to Discuss How Medical Information Professionals Can Ensure Success Amidst Increasing Challenges


Medical information is key to the successful marketing and adoption of any drug. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies have silo’d, disconnected systems and expend enormous amounts of resources generating and disseminating medical information through many channels, often resulting in increased costs and higher risk.

To help address these challenges, attend the upcoming webinar as experts including Simon Sparkes, ArisGlobal Executive Vice President – Product Strategy, will provide insights from his 28 year’s expertise with medical information systems and the business leader for ArisGlobal’s world-renown medical communications solutions

Register today to learn about the ways that medical information professionals can succeed – and learn what your peers are doing with their medical communications systems to ensure success.

Additionally, we’ll preview the latest release of our medical communications platform that offers more integration and automation – including mobile – than ever before!
Register for the webinar today – Tuesday, Dec 06 at 3PM London / 10AM New York!