Webcast Replay: 2011

EVMPD – Set Sail

Continuing the series of webcasts on the new EVMPD regulation, Wim Cypers, VP Regulatory Affairs, discussed the increased scope of the regulation due to structured substance information (SSI) in the third webcast titled ‘EVMPD – Set Sail’ on November 16, 2011. With our state-of-the-art solutions – Register™ and agXchange RSM™...Read More »

EVMPD – Riding the Wave

Following on the discussion during our first webcast on EVMPD titled Navigating in the Winds of Change, during this second webcast in the EVMPD series, Wim Cypers, VP Regulatory Affairs SPU, discussed the scope and tight deadline associated with these regulatory changes Aris Global can help you manage and address...Read More »

EVMPD - Navigating in the Winds of Change

EMA has recently announced that it will be implementing a new set of EVMPD regulations. These are expected to come into effect from July 02, 2011 onwards. View this webcast and learn how Register and agXchange RSM will help you navigate this major regulatory change at low cost, with ease...Read More »