Central coding and dictionary management

agEncoder is a web-based, centralized coding and dictionary management system, that codes verbatim terms (VTs) from different systems and maintains drug and medical dictionaries at a central location. agEncoder automates the coding process by using advanced algorithms to support precise and rapid coding of adverse events, disease / laboratory terms, indications and drug verbatim terms.
agEncoder supports multi-level dictionaries in English and Japanese, including MedDRA (English/Japanese),WHO Drug Dictionary and Japanese Drug Dictionary and enables users to easily analyze the impact of changes between dictionary versions.

Intuitive user interface

agEncoder features an easy-to-use interface for dictionary management, searching, browsing and coding. agEncoder ensures the standardization of the coding process across your entire organization with flexible workflows for coding, review and approval.

As with all Aris Global products, agEncoder is available as a hosted solution on the agOnDemand platform. For more than four years, agOnDemand has been providing best-in-class, cloud-based services to life science companies to help them meet their regulatory requirements without the pressure of maintaining sophisticated IT infrastructures.

agEncoder is a centralized dictionary coding tool that enables fast and consistent coding of medical terms

Optimized & tightly integrated with ARISg and ARISj

agEncoder’s integration with ARISg and ARISj , Aris Global’s industry-leading pharmacovigilance solutions, enable companies to improve the consistency of trial safety reporting and reduce the efforts to reconcile serious adverse events. Other key features include:

Provides a flexible and configurable workflow to support the coding process

Automates coding process for adverse events and medical terms, (single or batch processing)

Accurately codes verbatim terms from different systems faster, cheaper, automatically

Provides out-of-the-box support for MedDRA, WHO DD and other dictionaries

Supports non-English dictionaries – Japanese DD, MedDRA Japanese

Enables new MedDRA versions with a single mouse-click

Uses advanced algorithms and synonym lists to save time and coding effort

Enables coding of files through external file system integration

Automatically classifies VTs that directly match a dictionary term, and enables users to classify variant or misspelled terms manually, using the agEncoder coding browser

Leverages an auto-learning capability so that future occurrences of the same VTs are automatically classified the same way

Optimized & tightly integrated with ARISg and ARISj

As today’s clinical trial ecosystem becomes more distributed and computerized, data is collected and made available faster than ever before, creating a challenge to efficiently classify the captured free text verbatim terms into standard medical and drug terms. Efficient handling of the coding process saves significant time and cost for sponsors. With agEncoder, companies have a powerful, integrated tool that centralizes and streamlines the process of transforming safety and clinical verbatim terms into standard coded terms.

Delivers comprehensive integrated centralized coding and dictionary management system

Reduces costs with efficient, fast, accurate coding

Minimizes patient safety risk by standardizing the coding process

Supports fast dictionary upgrades with impact analysis and decision support capabilities

Enables better visibility of coding tasks, and workflows through integration with ARISg