Web-Based Clinical Supply Chain Management

Clinical trial supply optimization is a complex challenge that routinely involves the product passing through any number of hands before it is ever administered to the patient. If not done well, supply chain mistakes can result in serious consequences. Excessive overages translate into waste and money spent unnecessarily. Inadequate inventory can delay trials and lose patients in the process. Emergency remediation consumes time and energy that takes away from other priorities.

agSupply offers a web-based supply chain management system to track supplies throughout study sites, warehouses and supply depot management. Our system ensures accurate follow-up on orders and shipments as well as an automatic ordering ability based on site supply thresholds. No deployment of equipment is required for sites as they use their own computers to access our cloud-based system, backed by global 24/7 multilingual support.agsupply03-11-2012
With agSupply, pharmaceutical sponsors, biotechs and CROs manage trial supplies more easily and efficiently by automating the inventories of sites and depots throughout the drug supply chain. Our solution sits at the forefront of delivery of advanced methods for solving complicated supply issues such as adaptive trial designs and titration regimens. Our web-based tools provide extended functionality and management control in the hands of clinical study teams.

Single, Integrated Platform for End-to-End Clinical Research

agSupply provides seamless integration with the ArisGlobal suite of clinical products, which include solutions for CTMS, EDC, ePro, safety report distribution and medical coding. As with all ArisGlobal products, agSupply is available as a hosted solution on the highly proven agOnDemand platform. For more than four years, agOnDemand has been providing best-in-class, cloud-based services to life science companies to help them meet their regulatory requirements without the pressure of maintaining sophisticated IT infrastructures.

Single, Unified Platform for Complete Supply Chain Control

agSupply provides comprehensive, stand-alone capabilities for managing your clinical supply chain. However, when integrated with other ArisGlobal clinical solutions – CTMS (agClinical), EDC (agCapture) and ePro (agOutcomes) – organizations benefit from an unique, unified platform for clinical research. Key features include:

Randomize patients using established randomization algorithms

Complete drug accountability – full supply tracking from shipment to returns

Unique supply algorithms to optimize efficient use of available drug supplies and ancillaries and provide blinding measures to monitor supply expiration dates

Real-time reporting of patient progress, medication assignments, supply location and status

Auto-calculates dosage based on patient data

Maintain dispensing details

View complete inventory with full drug re-ordering functionality

Automated site and depot inventory

Supports onsite relabeling at depots and investigational sites

Pack-type substitution and multi-pack “box” handling within shipments

agSupply enables organizations to take full control of their randomization and clinical supply activity:

Achieves optimized, streamlined supply chains

Reduces risk associated with stockouts or excess inventory

Prevents emergency remediation and trial delays

Improves supply chain forecasting and management

Delivers real-time visibility into the supply chain

Leverages proven service model for hosted Software-as-a-Service

Seamlessly integrates with ArisGlobal clinical solutions for EDC, CTMS and ePRO to give sponsors a central view and ensured data consistency and quality

Provides flexible configurability capabilities to adapt to your processes