Integrated eClinical Portal

agWorld is the gateway to a unified eClinical platform that mitigates the need to deal with multiple vendors and provides users with the complete view of their trials. Leveraging single sign-on (SS0) technology, users have to remember only one username and password to access all Total Clinical solutions. With agWorld, users benefit from improved communication between peers, easy access to clinical information, streamlined operations, and elimination of redundant processes.

Simplified login with one credential

agWorld provides users simplicity in user experience through the use of its SAML based single-sign-on (SSO) technology to access all their clinical software packages,

including CTMS, EDC, ePRO, IWRs, Trial disclosure, agCRISP, agSIR and agSupply. All the user has to do to access any trial information is open agWorld and enter one user name and password; simple and effective!

Unified Access to eClinical Applications


agWorld provides an impressive array of collaborative features that streamline clinical operations and data management processes. Functionality such as dashboards is role-based and can be easily customized by the end user to suit requirements and preferences. It has the flexibility to support integration with ArisGlobal’s suite of products as well as with third-party software products.

Single point of access to all clinical research solutions including third-party vendor applications

Personalized dashboards provide key study metrics, performance indicators and summary views based on user roles covering different clinical programs

Support for online collaboration tools such as online-chat to facilitate communication and collaboration between central and internal users

Access to Total Clinical common libraries and functionalities

Integration with third-party applications such as Google Maps™

Project calendar, central alerts and notifications enables effective management of milestones

agWorld enables organizations to take advantage of a centralized portal to access all their clinical programs, promoting easier-to-use functionality and better time management. Gone are the days of remembering multiple login details. As the program is vendor agnostic, this powerful portal can provide benefits to many clinical organizations:

Simplifies login to one credential to access all programs

Provides easy access to all clinical programs and trial data

Offers centralized communication and data sharing

Streamlines operations and reduces costs

Enhances data quality and increases efficiency

Supports access for third-party softwares