Senior Solution Analyst

JOB TITLE: Senior Software Engineer or Principal Software Engineer – Java/J2EE Development

About ArisGlobal:
ArisGlobal is a global company that provides integrated software solutions and consultancy services to assist life sciences organizations to maintain regulatory compliance, manage and mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency. We have over 20 years of industry experience and currently work with over 200 customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and related industries. We employ over 1000 people infour offices across the globe and two development centres in India.

Our solutions cover Pharmacovigilance & Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research and Medical Information and represent the most comprehensive range available in the industry.

Each solution in the suite aims to be best in class; designed to meet the individual needs of corporate and regional departments. But when deployed together, they offer a unique opportunity to enable collaboration between departments, eliminating unnecessary duplication while reducing delays and improving compliance.

The flexible design of our software solutions make them both highly scalable and highly configurable, eliminating the need for costly customization. They can be deployed standalone or are easily integrated with each other and your existing key business systems. As a result they can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any situation and implemented in any size or type of company.

About the candidate:
Education & Experience: (State the minimum acceptable qualifications w.r.t. education, experience, certification)
• Should have completed Engineering or MCA.
• Experience of 6+ years in software development/testing/support Industry.
• 4+ year working experience on Weblogic, JBoss and Websphere is must.
• Should have rolled out/supported mid to large size deployment or support projects.
• Should havestrong negotiation and influential skills.

Skills: (Technical Skill / Non Technical Skills)
• Good communication, written and oral skills.
• Analytical and problem solving skills.
• Working knowledge on Cloud environment.
• 4+ year working experience on Weblogic, JBoss and Websphere is must.
• Web server administration and fine tuning, Database, SQL,PL/SQL, DBA, Core Java/C++
• Knowledge and experience on Database fine tuning will be added advantage
• Should understand Infrastructure requirements
• Should have negotiation skills

Competencies: (Competencies requirement for the candidate to perform the task)
• Web server Administration and fine tuning.
• Database performance fine tuning.
• Understanding Software deployment life cycle.
• Should be able to find solution to performance challenges.

Personal Traits: (Personality attributes required like initiative, perseverance, problem solving, critical thinking,etc.)
• Team Player.
• Should have problem solving and analytical skills.

Roles & Responsibility: (Main areas of responsibility and roles to be performed)
• Fine tune existing Web server environment to increase the performance.
• Fine tune existing Database server environment to increase the performance.
• Deployment of application as per the customer requirements.
• Work as team to deliver project on time
• Coordinate with agOnDemand teams on Project Delivery
• Coordinate amongst Product, Engineering, Testing and various teams to arrange right software at right time
• Architecting and Prototyping of every new solution on agOnDemand
• Responsible for performance and functional adequateness of SaaS solution at the time of projects
• Innovate on implementation process
• Provide Inputs to Product and Engineering team for any SaaS innovation that helps business grow and run operations better
• Develop application functionality skills and capacity in agOnDemand

ArisGlobal is an Equal Opportunity Employer/ Committed to Diversity

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