The European Commission/European Medicines Agency has mandated that organizations doing business in the EU will need to submit product information according to the ISO-IDMP standards by July 2016.

As a pharmaceutical company however you may be tempted to look at IDMP as an additional standard that needs to be complied with, or as an effort requiring additional resources. the ISO however, sees this as a way to exchange and trace information between different companies, regulators, and other entities in the ecosystem.

If the standard can be used to exchange information between companies, why could this not be used to do the same between different departments within your organization? The point is – adoption of a standard is not just a matter of compliance but can be used as a tool to drive long term benefits to your organization.

ArisGlobal is currently working toward meeting your future compliance goals. agIDMP is our trademark solution which will enable your organization fulfil its future regulatory commitments as we move forward into 2016.

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Need an IDMP Primer or background on IDMP or simply want to know everything about IDMP? Then read below:

This comprehensive whitepaper discusses:
a. The regulatory background to IDMP
b. Definition of IDMP
c. Understanding the key terms within IDMP
d. Impact of IDMP on other divisions of your organization
e. IDMP implementation Challenges
f. Logical approach to IDMP
g. Penalties of non-compliance to IDMP
h. Benefits of implementing IDMP for your organization

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