Realizing the Future Today: How a Unified EDC, ePRO and RTSM is No Longer a Dream

The need for EDC, ePRO and RTSM application integrations still exists as very few solution vendors can offer a full suite of eClinical applications. For many of those that do, they have arrived at this point through a series of acquisitions. Large elements of EDC, ePRO and RTSM databases are common and the integrations are simply used to transfer data from the source system to the target system. This collection of disparate applications are normally incompatible and can produce unnecessary and frustrating integration problems.

In this webcast, Simon Wilson, clinical subject matter expert at ArisGlobal, and Jessica Schell, clinical solutions engineer at ArisGlobal discuss a new approach to Clinical Data Management that can take weeks off study build time, achieve instant and full data consolidation with zero effort and eliminate duplicate site and user administration and training.


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