On-Demand Webinar: Handling Increasing Case Volumes in Safety: Options for the Long Term

Most safety departments are having to deal with a consistent growth in year-to-year case processing volumes. There are generally multiple factors driving this increase in volumes, including sales growth, new product launches, increasing patient support programs, new clinical studies, etc. However, budgets for safety processing do not generally reflect a similar upward trend, as companies continue to cut costs and expect departments to do more with less.

To continue to ensure regulatory reporting compliance, companies have to consider all options to handle this growth in case volumes. These options may span across resourcing strategies, business process reengineering, and enhancements to systems and technology to gain efficiencies in operations. This webinar looks at some of the options over the long term that safety departments and technology providers need to consider to ensure on-going capability to manage the increasing case processing workload.

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