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Implementing IDMP in 2016 will involve extensive efforts from multiple functions within your pharma organization.

Having said that a thorough understanding of IDMP Medicinal products is a must before your pharma organization undertakes the compliance journey.

In this on demand webinar titled ‘IDMP Deep Dive – Understanding Medicinal Product and Pharmaceutical Product concepts’, our expert Pratyusha Pallavi will take you through the followings areas within IDMP:

• Introduction to IDMP 101
• Definitions, key attributes and examples of core IDMP concepts
• Pharmaceutical Product
• Manufactured Item
• Packaged Medicinal Product
• Medicinal Product
• ISO IDMP Identifiers
• Pharmaceutical Product Identifiers
• Medicinal Product Identifier
• Pharmaceutical Product Set Identifiers
• Packaged Medicinal Product Identifier
• Batch Identifiers

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