Best Practices for Streamlining the Receipt of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) from Clinical Trials – Webcast Replay

Life science organizations receive pharmacovigilance data from a number of sources including clinical trials. As the adoption of EDC systems in clinical trials continues to increase at a rapid pace, there are obvious benefits of automating the exchange of clinical safety reports with drug safety. This, however, is not just a technical integration issue. To derive real benefits, it is important to streamline the business processes around extraction and submission of the appropriate data for the SAE on the EDC side, and review and assessment of the received notification and data on the safety side.

In this webcast, Ambrish Mathur, vice president for strategic development at ArisGlobal, will discuss the challenges associated with timely collection and exchange of accurate safety information during clinical trials. You will also learn the best practices that can enhance the speed of this process resulting in better compliance and operational efficiencies.


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